Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hilton Head & A Bug Story

Look what some little girl left me on the elevator

Flying roach
View from where I'm staying

Hi ya'll from Hilton Head!! I can talk that way while I'm in the south. Anyway, did Travel Tuesday make any sense yesterday? I was going on three hours sleep and felt like I was moving in a fog. I am much better today, thank you Lord for a full eight hours sleep!! I got in late Monday and my sweet brother in law, who lives here, met me to make sure I arrived okay. But I did have a little visitor waiting for me or should I say a BIG visitor. They call them palmetto bugs down here but in my mind a roach is just a roach and they fly. I swear this monster was flying around my bedroom. Now, I'm a puppy dog, kitten kind of person, no bugs of any kind. I could not sleep knowing this thing was crawling around, so about 1am the night before last, I finally saw my chance and stomped on the thing about 100 times and then for good measure put the telephone book on top of it, but still I couldn't sleep. I had nightmares that his friends would come and get me if I fell asleep. Crazy huh? So I finally just get up and what do I find in the elevator, this little creature above, I have no idea what it is. But this little girl seemed to think my reaction to it was pretty funny. Doesn't she know you do not do this to a sleep deprived middle age menopausal woman? Why was this child not in school and where were her parents?LOL! The bug guy came yesterday, so I don't have to worry about palmetto bugs anymore. And the best news is Maddie (my granddaughter) and Mommy came in last night so we're ready to have some fun. I brought my laptop in case I need to blog, I mean work. Gramps and Daddy are arriving soon while Christina and Jimmy are taking care of Cleo back home. Be prepared for lots of Maddie pictures. P.S. Does anyone know what kind of creature that is?

Safe Travels,



June said...

Ha, ha!! That is so gross! Loved the pictures Melissa emailed of Maddie on the beach - looks like she was having a blast! Go have some italian ice at Rita's and think of us!

justabeachkat said...

Bugs! Yuk! Shiver, shiver!

Have a wonderful time though. Ya'll.


LivingTheLife said...

Hate bugs..harsh words I know...but still...I do!

Thanks for stopping by my blog today...You are going to LOVE truly is a glorious place...God covered it with beauty!! I'm so happy you get to you need your own private baggage handler...I'm READY.

We are leaving for Italy in a few I'm getting excited...and a tad nervous...mainly about the flying time (yuck) and drinking the water...other than that...I'm excited!! Lol

Enjoy your time in Alaska...take lots of pictures...I guarantee they will all be keepers...


sarah cool said...

Ahh!! That looks like a crab of some sort... nothing I would like to meet in an elevator!

I love Hilton Head. I had one of the most relaxing vacations EVER there, with two of my friends Nicole & Denney. Just thinking about that week relaxes me!! I hope your trip is wonderful.

Kari said...

Ha! Palmetto's are the reason my oldest son (who is 27 already!) is absolutely TERRIFIED of roaches. Spiders? He couldn't care less. Snakes? Not much of a fan, but terror. Roaches? The boy will run screaming in fear at just the sight of one. He swears that when we lived in Valparaiso, Florida back when he was about 9 years old, that he woke up one morning with a Palmetto sitting on his nose. He hasn't been the same since. lol They wouldn't freak me out nearly so much if it weren't for the "flying" thing, of course....