Thursday, April 30, 2009


Okay gals, I am so sorry I haven't acknowledged a couple of giveaways I have won in the past month. My Mama didn't raise me without manners so I have no excuse other then life got kind of busy. So I won these two beautiful handmade items(I love handmade). This first one is a beautiful flower paperweight that Sandy from I love to dream, live to create and hope to inspire made. She is such a talented artist and one of my blogging buddies who I have been following for a long time. I love seeing her work and her students work. Thanks Sandy it looks great on my desk. And the next item is from Jeanette from Net on the Net. I met Jeanette through Brenda's Photo Challenge and I won one of her handmade bookmarks. This photo is not doing it justice, it is so pretty and since reading has always been one of my passions it has come in handy. I read alot and didn't have a bookmark, I just used anything to mark my pages. I love them both and thank you very much.

I also just want to thank my bloggy friends for visiting me and just being good buddies. I had no idea when I started this blog what a positive thing it would be for me. I consider you guys friends even though we have never met in "real" life. I know that so many of you would be my prayer warriors if I asked you to be and I just appreciate your encouragement and friendship and someday I hope to meet you in the "real" world. Been thinking about this alot lately and just wanted you all to know it.

So I've been planting flowers and putting down mulch this week. The flowers don't look like much right now but will after I give them some Miracle Grow. And Maddie came over to help Gommy plant flowers last night, she mostly just dug in the dirt and would say "I help Gommy plant flowers". She suddenly stopped working in the yard and went in the house and started playing on my laptop. This was her face when I asked her if she was done helping Gommy for the evening! :-) I know this is such a busy and wonderful time of year(it's that way for me too) so I am still trying to "catch" up. Just wish I had more hours in a day! Have a good Thursday!

P.S. I still am not over my obsession with Picnik's collages. LOL I want to collage every picture I take. I must stop.........................


TCKK said...

I love that bookmark. It is so cute. I love the picture of Maddie at the computer too. She is such a cutie! Also don't stop with the Picnik Collages. Those are really cool. I need to check that out sometime.

PS: I also like your header picture. It really catches my eye when I open your page. Is that from your trip?

Brenda said...

Maddy is going to be a computer wiz, I can see it in her eyes! I love that your whole flower bed is going to be Pink! Awesome!

Becky said...

Hey Joan;

Congrats on the loot you've won. I won one last week and am awaiting it's arrival.

Maddie's picture is priceless and mercy I do LUV those pink gerbers.

BTW, how do you collage your pictues. I have no clue how, but want to learn.

Donna said...

Her pic is soooo darn cute! The expression is priceless - she's so pleased with herself! LOL!

Yes, these are busy times. I haven't been able to blog much since we got back from vacation. To much going on with the yard and all. Whew! I won a bookmark too from Jeanette and will be featuring it soon on a post.

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Joan seeing that precious Maddie makes me really miss Mr. Perfect! She is a doll. The flowers are beautiful and as soon as I get over jet-lag I am doing that myself! Congrats on the give a-ways!

Leedra said...

Love the photo of Maddie at your computer. At first it was like you were showing us it, to say it was you. LOL! I was being a little slow there. :)

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Donna said...

I bet you fall in love all over again each time you look at her!!
You're very special to us toooo!!!
Need prayer?? I pray over my blogger buddies every day..((HUGS))
Here till you kick me out the back door sweetie!hahaaa...night!

Sally said...

Maddie is a youngun after my heart!! She is soooo adorable!!

Love your new header!!

Love coming here to your blog!!

Love your prizes, and mine also from sweet Jeanette!!

I just love everything today!


Have a great weekend!! ((((hugs)))

P.S. Like Donna: I pray for all of you ALL the time!! :)