Monday, April 6, 2009

Going To The Park!

Our daughter Melissa called us yesterday afternoon and wanted to know if we wanted to go to the park with her and the girls, their Daddy was sick so he couldn't join us. Yea, we love passing the sickness around in our family. LOL I was still not feeling the best but was fortified with enough Tylenol cold medicine to go. It was slightly overcast but still a nice Sunday afternoon. Sydney was all about the grass on the ground. I guess it's not like the carpet at home. :-)

And Maddie has a new bike so sometimes she rode it and sometimes she had Papa carry it. LOL This parks sits on the Ohio River and you can see the river in the photo below. This is the park my sister June and I take our walks in the mornings and we are so lucky to live by such a pretty place.

I think I am going to get me a bike so I can ride with her too. I have a pink Hello Kitty one all picked out(I am not kidding).

Papa and Sydney watching Maddie go down the slide. Maddie was all about the slides and even got Papa to take her down them. Papa was such a good sport because I know that it couldn't have been easy going up and down that slide.

Poor Sydney, she wants to join in the action so bad but she's just not there yet. She is crawling and trying to take off but she wants so bad to do whatever Maddie is doing. LOL She has pigtails in her hair, isn't she so cute?

Hope everyone has a wonderful week! Today is the Reds opening day in Cincy and it's chilly and rainy. I will wait to go to the baseball games until it's sunny and warm. LOL But GO CINCINNATI REDS!


Lille meg said...

You have such sweet grandbabies, Joan!
I am sure you all enjoyed the trip to the park!
Happy easter to you!

I have made a new blog:
You are welcome to visit me there!
It shall be my main blog now, because it has been difficult to come into my other blog sometimes.

Becky said...

A day at the park with grandbabies! Priceless!

Donna said...

Hahaaaa...I Love the eyeglass pose!!! Fun pictures sweetie!!!
I didn't realise you were so Clost to the river! Wow!
And I Also love the Reds!!!
Happy day Girl!hughugs

TCKK said...

So cute and the weather was gorgeous yesterday for a park visit. Hubby and I went geo-caching and got to walk out on a nature trail for a bit!

Go REDS!!!!!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

You are all really blessed to have one another...
Though I think they are all rather lucky to have such doting and adoring Grnadparents.

Donna said...

Such fun! Glad you had a little outing while the weather was good. Batten down the hatches tonight, LOL!

Becky said...

Hey Joan;

Come by and enter my spring giveaway!

Jules from "The Roost" said...

Joan it looks like a wonderful time! I know you love every moment with them!

Sandy said...

Hi Joan,
What gorgeous photos! Loved taking my boys to the park when they were that young.
Hope you have a wonderful week.
Come on over when you have a chance and check out my 400th post giveaway!

Jeanne said...

Aww what great photos Joan. What a good grandpa to go down the slide with her too. You are all very lucky to be so close to each other and share in those grandbabies lives. Glad you're feeling better too.