Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Girl Party has Started!

We all made it safely to Hilton Head. My daughter Melissa and I along with my granddaughters Maddie and Sydney got in yesterday and Aunt Christina and Aunt Stephanie came in early this morning so it's time to get the girl party started. LOL Maddie was so excited to see the beach again so Aunt Steph and I took her while Sydney took her afternoon nap today. She loved the beach but not the grocery shopping as you can see in the photo. :-) I appreciate the prayers for safety and my back which is doing so much better now. We are heading out for some Mexican food(yummy) and maybe some Rita's gelato's(sorry June :-) but with a one year old and two year old we usually are tucked in early so I brought some good DVD's to watch. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!


Lille meg said...

Exiting with that girls party!
I am sure you enjoyd it, both children and grown up girls.
Have a nice day!:)

June said...

Enjoy Rita's and yes I am jealous!!!


Jeanne said...

I was so envious of your beach trip, my hubby took me to the shore here. Walked in the water and it was wonderful but I expect the water was much colder up north here than you're experiencing. Great shots!

Jeanette said...

That looks and sounds like a lot of fun! Have a wonderful time!

Donna said...

Love the photo collage! Have fun - you deserve it!

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

You really are a great Gommy and Mum.
My Mum I think would hate time away with Kids keeping her on her toes,
She just had two of mine for two nights and that was enough for her.
Though she adores all her Grandkids,They tire her out soooo Much.
Enjoy your time together,An early night with dvds sounds good to me to finish off a day

YaYa's Funhouse said...

Sounds like you guys are having a great time.

Sally said...

LOVE the pictures, and so glad your back is better!! :)