Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Heading to Gommy's Beach!

Hey, did you guys know that I have a beach? Well, I didn't know it either but my granddaughter Maddie thinks that North Forest Beach on Hilton Head Island is really called Gommy's beach and that the condo you see in the photo of her above is Gommy's beach house(I didn't know I had a beach house either but I'll take it). Our family does have a rental condo on North Forest Beach and Maddie has been going to it since she was 4 months old and I am always there so I guess in a two year old's mind that means it's mine. LOL I am going to petition to the town of Hilton Head to change the name of North Forest Beach to Gommy's beach. It has a nice ring to it and I am sure they won't mind. :-)

So we are packing up today and leaving tomorrow for our girls trip to the island. It's all girls this time but don't worry I have a sweet brother-in-law who lives on the island and some good friends so if we need anything he will there. Kat has motivated me with her long bike rides to rent a bike this time. If you have ever been to Hilton Head it has wonderful bike trails and the best part, it's flat!!! Cincinnati is very hilly so it's a tough place to ride bikes sometimes. You can even ride your bike on the beach in Hilton Head because the sand is so compacted, so thanks Kat for the motivation, I am going to rent me one and ride it. Do you think they will have a pink one with a basket? LOL Also if you all can say a little prayer for us I would so appreciate it. We usually fly down to Hilton Head and that was only because my sweet son-in-law worked for Delta but things change and he has a great new job with more opportunity with one of the best hospitals in our city so we are driving this time. I will miss the flight benefits but am so happy for him and we used to drive all the time and it's not a bad drive at all. In fact it's very pretty through the mountains but there are two things, first I've never carry such precious cargo(my two granddaughters) and I just need prayers for safety and the second thing is that my back is acting up again. I have a bad back and most times it goes underground and only mildly bothers me but every once in awhile it roars and last night it decided to roar really loud(ouchy...). Don't even know what I did and it doesn't even matter, sometimes all it takes is moving in a jerky fashion to set it off. So prayers for a pain free drive would so be appreciated.

And this is the South Carolina flag. My sister Gail and I love all things that have to do with this flag(yeah we need a life, LOL). Do you know the history behind this flag? I didn't either until I did some research. This flag was designed in 1775 for the use of South Carolina troops. Col. William Moultrie chose a blue which matched the color of the troops uniforms and a crescent moon which reproduced the emblem worn on the front of their caps. The palmetto tree was added later to represent Moultrie's heroic defense of the palmetto-log fort on Sullivan's Island against the attack of the British fleet on June 28th, 1776. I love history and especially American history so I thought this was very interesting.

Anyway, my sister has a door mat with this flag on it and I am on a hunt to find one for myself and I am also looking for little garden flags of this to put in my garden and hers. We both love South Carolina and go there every year. That's about it for me, I am bringing my laptop so I will be blogging while we are there but I don't know how much I will get to visit everyone. And Donna, we are driving through Knoxville so if you want us to check on that silly rabbit Marty and if he's getting into trouble we will. LOL But we will wave to ya'll as we pass by. Happy Wednesday everyone!! Is it really Wednesday already? Where does the week go??


Maria said...

Joan, have a wonderful time making memories and taking photos. I will definitely pray for your safety, your back, and that God blesses this precious time with your girls.

YaYa's Funhouse said...

Congrats Gommy on your "beach"
Have a great time and takes lots of pictures for us.

Jeanette said...

Have a wonderful time and I hope your back doesn't give you any grief!

Donna said...

Pain free drivibg prayers are on the Way!!hahaa..
Have a Blast!!hughugs

Sally said...

Have a wonderful and safe time on Gommy's Beach. That sounds PERFECT; I think they should change the name immediately if not sooner!!

A pink bike will suit you to a tee!! Take care of that back. I would send you some meds, but I'm stingy, ya know! :)

Have fun!!

Jeanne said...

Have a marvelous time!

Brenda said...

Oh Please, take me!!

Y'all have a wonderful and safe trip and take lots of pictures!

TCKK said...

Hope you have a great trip. Will be looking forward to stories and pictures!!

Rue said...

Have a great time at Gommy Beach Joan!


Donna said...

You should have arrived safely by now! LOL, there is no telling what that silly rabbit of mine is up to! Probably found the hooch in the pantry!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

Please have lots of fun..m.

Celestina Marie said...

Hi Joan, Have a wonderful time at your beach and beach house. LOL That is so cute. I love how the little one's minds think.
Hope your back feels better too. Lots of rest while there might help.
Prayers for safe travel with your precious cargo.
Thanks for entering my giveaway.
Good Luck,
hugs, Celestina Marie

justabeachkat said...

Hi Joan

Bad me! I haven't been by in days so I was reading all your posts I've missed. I'm glad I've inspired you to ride bikes. It's so much fun. We rode 18 miles today...our weather has been perfect. I'm so glad you're having fun with your girls. Your photos are so good. Gommy's Beach sounds good to me.