Monday, July 14, 2008

Some Bloggy Goodies and Awards!

I have received some goodies in the mail lately and I wanted to acknowledge them. The other day I came home and there was a huge package waiting for me from Australia. Coll from Coll's Garden had sent me a package from the Parasol and Paper Swap that her daughter Shannon had put together. Anyway I was thrilled with everything inside. The parasol is gorgeous(and so were all the other goodies) and it promptly went into my china cabinet because a little granddaughter named Maddie was very interested in it. LOL Thanks Coll, I love all of my goodies and the little Koala chocolates were so yummy. I was good, I only had one over the weekend. :-)
Okay, I am slapping myself on the hand and saying I'm a bad blogging friend because Kari sent me this pretty pink candy dish awhile back and I didn't acknowledge it on my blog right away. Well, I knew she was going on vacation and I thought I would wait till she got back and then of course I just didn't get around to it. So Kari I'm sorry, you know I love it. It sits behind Maddie's photo, next to my giant pink diamond(hey, you don't think that's real?). I tried to keep it filled with Weight Watchers candy but my girls keep eating it all so I have hid all of my Weight Watcher treats from them but I know they are hunting all over the house for it. Thanks Kari, I love it.

And Rue from Rues Peanut Butter and Jelly Life has made this beautiful award for her bloggy friends. Do yourself a favor and hop on over to visit her, you will go back again and again. Thanks Rue I will put this on my sidebar. And then I received this great award from Celeste at La Rea Rose and from Donna at Made in Heaven . Thank you girls so much. I am always excited to get any award. All of my bloggy friends mean so much to me and you all have been so kind and encouraging. So I'm not sure of the rules and I can never just pick a few, so if you are on my sidebar please accept this award from me because you all are brillante.
Okay one more thing before I go get the gray out of my hair today. LOL The next Brenda's Photo Challenge has been picked and Karen from Loved and Engraved has picked a new theme and date. The theme is NUMBERS and the date is Saturday, July 26th. Here's what she says on her blog ----If you want to participate, please leave her a comment and she will post a link to your blog in her sidebar. So... please post 2-3 photos depicting your interpretation of NUMBERS! on your blog by Saturday, July 26th and above all, HAVE FUN. Thanks Karen for being the hostess, go over to her site and play along. It's fun and I'm already trying to think of ideas for this one.

One more last thing, LOL I've been trying to get back to a Travel Tuesday post once a month but things have been getting in my way. You know life, work etc.....but I'll try to post one this week or next. Today is going to busy so I'm not sure if I'll get to it for this Tuesday, but I miss going places and it's fun just writing about new and exciting places to go even if you are just sitting in your kitchen so I will try to do one soon. Happy Monday!!


Lille meg said...

Congratulations on your awards!
They are both so very well deserved.
And thank you for giving one of them to your blogfriends. I took it, even I have got it before. But it always is exiting to get an award, so thank you!

Have a blessed week!

Sally said...

Aw, it's so nice to receive gifts from our blogger buds, and yours are so cute!! Congratulations on the awards also.

Hey, I color the gray, but somehow it finds its way back in a hurry!!

Have a happy day!!

Donna said...

Look At You!!! Congratulations Sweetie!! Well Deserved!! And I have been Missing your Travel Trusdays!! I need a Serious Vacation!!LOL...After reading one of your travel tuesdays, I feel rested!!LOL...Well, I DO!! Fun!
Happy night dear friend!!hughugs

justabeachkat said...

Nice blog gifts! Congrats on the awards.


Joan said...

Lovely to get gifts from your friends

Brenda said...

Wonderful goodies and well deserved awards! I hope your Tuesday is a great one!

Sandi McBride said...

GOsh, you lucked out with the goodies pal...hope I'll be so lucky one day lol. COngrats on the awards, deserve them!

Kellan said...

What nice gifts - you are so loved. And, Congrats on the awards - way to go!

Have a great Wednesday - Kellan

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I'm very glad you like your candy dish - but you didn't have to feature it on your blog! lol I sent it to you because I can't hardly look at anything pink without thinking of YOU and that candy dish just said "JOAN" to me. :)

Congrats on your awards - you know I think you deserve every kudos out there. I very much enjoy our blogging relationship and hope it continues forever (and maybe one day, we'll even get to meet in person - fingers crossed!).



hiya Joan,

Whew ive got loads to catch up on here havent i... Ive been so flat out and my bloggy girls have been busy, now i have to catch up with everyone!.

B4 i forget i have to say how gorgeously sweet your grandbubby photos are. Joan they are all so adorable :)What a proud Grammy you must be.

Now...the swap prezzies from my mummsy are super sweey hey! I could have screamed when she found that old metal parasol b4 me! She did such a great job foofing it up.
Oh and you liked the Caramello Koala chockies? They are yummy hey!

Okies off to read some more.....

Love Shann xx