Sunday, July 6, 2008

I think I have Officially Lost It!

This is what I seen when I looked down at my feet this morning. Look closely there are two pink sandals but they are two different pink sandals. One is my hang around the house sandal and the other is my pretty bling bling sandal. I got up this morning and went to my closet and just grabbed them. LOL In my defense I hadn't had my coffee yet nor did I have my glasses on or had my contacts in. The funny thing is Mike never noticed either and I walked around like this for awhile. So yep I have officially lost it............. Still trying to catch up with everyone's blogs and I got an award!! Yea!! I'll try to post about it tomorrow and pass it on.


Brenda said...

I like them both, which one is the dress up sandal? :-) I was so out of it once that soon after I arrived at work I noticed I'd forgotten to put a bra on. That was a disaster.

joan said...

Hi Brenda,

The one on the left is my hang around the house sandal and my bling bling one is on the right. I just call it my bling bling one because it has these shiny pink things on it but really it's just a comfortable flip flop. LOL No bra?? That's funny.

Anonymous said...

Too funny!! Thanks for making me chuckle this morning.


Donna said...

LOL....I once went to work in my house shoes....I swear! Love the flops!!! Happy day sweetie!!hughugs

wendster said...

Hi Joan! I am also behind on my blogging! Three weeks behind on my visits. I loved your bling blingy Happy 4th of July posts. How DO you do that? And your paparazzi chased grandbabies? Adorable. Love the picture of the beach and the koi too.
And no worries about the mismatched shoes. You noticed eventually, right? LOL.
Happy 4th!
Good to see ya'!


Rue said...

LOL Joan! I didn't even notice myself until I read the post!

Annie says it's in fashion to mix and match your socks. I wonder it that pertains to flip flops ;)

It looks like you had a nice 4th of July even though it was cooler than average. It stopped raining where we live about 2 hours before the fireworks, so it turned out great :)


Joan said...

They look almost the same. And at least they were both sandals. LOL

Bev said...

I swear if you hadnt told me they were different I wouldnt have noticed - so I guess I'm right there with you. They both have enough pink to count as twins, right?

photowannabe said...

They are really pretty close. I wouldn't havenoticed until I read what you said. I am always doing things like that. Hubby just rolls his eyes and laughs.

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I searched high and low for some pretty pink blingy sandals...the only ones I found was a pair of flip-flips with sequins on the straps. But what the heck - they were pink and shiny so I bought them. And I sure wish I hadn't of. I guess I need a firmer bottom to my shoes because I darn near broke my neck - 3 times in one day! - tripping over those stupid shoes. Apparently I don't pick my feet up enough when I walk so I end up tripping over the toes. What a klutz. And the point of this whole story? Well - while you may be wearing 2 different shoes, at least they are both quite lovely and I'm sure you didn't make a fool of your self by tripping all over the place like a vaudeville act. lol And I'd rather be wearing 2 different, yet snazzy, shoes than wearing a matching pair that's going to cause great bodily injury to myself. lol
P.S. Love the toe polish, too!

CIELO said...

that's so cute.... they're both beautiful anyways, so that's OK... :)