Monday, April 7, 2008

Having Fun At Grandma's

First you take a nap with Cleo. Cleo has her own throw to sleep on because she has likes to sleep on Grandma's cream couch and Grandma hates cleaning all that cat hair. :-)

Then it's time to play with sidewalk chalk on a beautiful Spring day. What more can a little girl ask for?


Donna said...

What a beautiful little sweetie!!hughugs

Katie said...

She's so sweet, Joan. You always do a good job of capturing her personality!

Bev said...

I absolutely love when the grandkids come and draw all over the driveway, reminds me of days gone by, and I leave it til God washes it away. Sweet photos.

Rue said...

Awww.... what a cutie pie! I miss my Annie being that little.

How much fun would it be to just play with grandma and chalk all day :)