Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Going Home!

Today is our last day in Hilton Head. The photo above is from our porch. We love having the patio doors open and listening to the fountains. We've had a great time but it's time to go home. The Flying Pig Marathon is this weekend in Cincinnati and my sweetie and I have volunteered at the marathon for years. So this weekend will be very busy with all of the events surrounding the marathon. But before I go home I have a few more photos, if you can stand them. LOL

This is a little baby cardinal outside of the condo. He was so frightened and his parents were not happy with us being near him. I really wanted to help him but didn't want to touch him. Mike said there was another one roaming around too. I hope he made it back to his nest.

Anyway, I was not feeling well yesterday. Not sure what I have but it has wiped me out. So since I didn't eat all morning, my sweetie decided I needed to eat so he took me to The Sea Shack for lunch. Now the Sea Shack is really just a shack with really good seafood. If you ever make it to Hilton Head, stop by this place. It is where the locals eat. Anyway, I had to take this photo because I thought it was funny. Click on it to see it better. This is what they do to people who complain here. LOL

Here's another shot of the restaurant. It's not anything fancy but you won't leave hungry or cost you an arm or a leg. LOL After I took this photo I realized that this guy getting his drinks had a gun in a holster, you can see it if you click on the photo. I think he was a detective but he kept looking at me because I took the photo. Don't know what he thought I was going to do but I didn't think it was against the law to take photos in a restaurant. LOL

And this last photo is of the Coligny shopping area across from the condo. This bird was sunning himself on the statue. Coligny is alot of fun to visit, it's filled with shops and restaurants. I just like to walk around it sometimes. So it's back to Cincy and hopefully I will have some time to catch up with everyone. See you back in Cincy.


Donna said...

They probably don't like their pics taken...lol..scarey...Hope you get to feeling better Miz Joan!!hughugs

Anonymous said...

We love the Sea Shack - such great food!! Sorry you weren't feeling well. It is cold here in Cincy today - Coco and I froze walking at Fernbank this morning. Supposed to warm up but rain on Friday!


Honest to Ya~Ya said...

Ya'll have a safe and happy trip! ☼

Irene said...

Oooo, not feeling well while on vacation? That is NOT good. So sorry!

I have never been to the Sea Shack. I saw it featured with Rachael Ray on the Food Network though. Maybe this time I will have to check it out!

Have a safe trip home!

wendster said...

The last day of most trips are bitter sweet. We'll miss the cool sight seeing and locals and etc. but good to get back to those we miss.

I notice that BOTH of those men have guns in holsters. They must be partners.

Fly safe!

Enjoy the marathon!

Knit-Wit said...

I love the complaint box. I need to get one of those around here for the kids. :)

Mary Isabella said...

Have a safe trip home...Blessings...Mary

justabeachkat said...

Have a safe trip home. Loved the photos today, especially the complaint box! LOL

Hope you feel better real soon.