Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Happy days are here again! I am back to wearing sandals so I stopped in TJ Maxx to try on a few and had some fun. The first pair were so cute. What's not to like about these? They are pink and sparkly and fun. They also hurt. See that pink round thing in the middle, imagine that digging into your foot each time you took a step. OUCH! But they were pretty to look at.

These were much more comfortable but the little flower petals kind of tickled the tops of your feet.

And I just tried these on for the bling bling factor. They were major bling and also major killers to walk in. I took three steps in these and said no way. I was just killing some time before an appointment but it was fun to try them on. Yes, my toes are freshly painted and my feet are happy to be in sandals again! What more could a girl want? LOL Oh and don't worry sweetie, I resisted the pretty sandals calling "Buy me Joan, I am so pretty on your feet." :-)


Rue said...

You have beautiful feet! I have the ugliest big toe known to man. Too much info, huh? LOL

Cute shoes!

rue :)

Mimi said...

love the shoes...and your toenails look great!!!

Knit-Wit said...

Your make me laugh! I love the pictures of your toes in those sandals. They all look lovely.

Irene said...

Oh I am also SO excited for sandal season! But my feet need serious help. Yours look great!

Shari said...

Cute, your feet telling you that the sandals are pretty on your feet. Yes, happy days are a-coming. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah! It's happy feet time. I wore my flip flops already this week. However, I need to go get a pedicure so my happy feet are pretty. I saw some of those same shoes today at TJ.

LeAnn :)

Kellan said...

I LOVE TJMax and I loved all those cute sandles - so cute!!! It was like I was window shopping - thanks. See you soon - Kellan

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

I'm kinda diggin' the bling pair! lol

Sandi McBride said...

I hope you bought them all! The third pair would be my pick...oooh lala
Very pretty feet, and love that polish!

photowannabe said...

Great fun post Joan. I do love all that bling...
Really don't want pictures of my ugly feet..bunions and stubby toes, not a pretty sight.
Thanks for your kind words on my post. Its appreciated.

Donna said...

Geez! Pretty feet!! I Love the pink blings!! Gotta get my toes done!!LOL..Have a fun day sweetie!hughugs

CIELO said...

Ahhhhh, so hard to pick just one! I have something call "shoe fetish", and love all things shoe-related, so I'll keep em' all! :)

Have a great day, sweetie...


Lille meg said...

It will be long till we can wear sandals here in Norway.. It is could outside yet. It is early spring, but I'm not sure it can be more snow yet.
The sandals you show are so cute, all of them, but if I should make a choise, I would have taken the third pair, I think.
Have a nice day!

wendster said...

You could do shoe commercials! Great feet!
Loved the travel post. I DO know about that church and the lepers! So fun to go and visit that island with you, and I WOULD ride those burrows on the highest sea cliffs. I think. ha.
Also loved those food ideas. I need to cut back on sugars, because they are really taking me out right now!
It looks like you had a great time with your grand-daughter. You sure have cute grandbabies! I'm sure you know that too. hee hee!

OK. Thanks for your visits and enjoy your day. I'll try not to leave so many spaces between my visits. Mom just had her knee replaced and I'm trying to get over there as often as I can ... so not as much time at home.

p.s. My mom has these orange cups at her house. It made me laugh when you said your cup reminded you of your mom, cuz those orange cups always make me think of my mom (even though they are right there with her at her house ... but if she were gone and the cups remained, I know they would make me think of her too.)

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Hi, Joan! Thanks for stopping by, so nice to hear from you. I know about life getting in the way, I'm so far behind on visiting everyone lately.

Now those shoes are all so cute! I know what you mean though, I've got to have some comfort these days & not just pretty. You do have cute feet & nicely painted toes. I did a manicure on mine & messed up the big toes by wearing my tennis shoes, so have to do them over again!

Happy weekend!


Susie Harris said...

Thanks joan for stopping by my blog. You have the cutest feet:) I will tell you.... I plan on visiting you again soon. I would love to travel but hate to fly:( Maybe I can visit you, travel, and never leave the house. hehe Take care, Susie H


Joan you are a stronger woman than me...i would have definately had to give in to that last pair! Ahh love em !!!!

xo Shann

justabeachkat said...

Darn, they're all so cute, but if they're not comfortable, they can't go home with me either.


freetofly said...

Those were some cute girlie sandals! I know what you mean though - I will pick comfort first, then beauty second! And economy over both of those desireable traits! :)

What fun! And your toes are lovely! Mine need a fresh coat right now!


P.S. We have so many similar likes (I saw reading, high school sweetheart, Nancy Drew, Barbara Delinsky, Paula Deen, and Karen Kingsbury!) And OF COURSE JESUS!

Great to meet you!

Anonymous said...