Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Bloggy Goodies

Look what arrived on my doorstep this week! It's a lovely package of goodies from my buddy Shannon from New South Wales, Australia. Shannon has a great blog and I always love to visit her and see what she has been up too. She is also a talented artist and has her own website for her work. You can go here to check out all of her goodies. One day I am going to go across that big blue ocean and visit the land down under and I hope to have a drink with Shannon and her Mom, Coll . Hey, what's your favorite drink down under anyway? LOL Thanks Shannon, I love it. I am going to have to hide the kitty cat tags from Maddie because she'll go nuts when she sees them. Anyway, go by and say hi to Shannon and her Mom.
And I also ordered these cute little burp cloths from Barb at A Chelsea Morning. This photo does not do these cute little guys justice. Go to her site to see better photos of them. But honestly they are so cute and soft. My new grandson Cameron already has been using his Winnie the Pooh ones and the Pink Froggy ones are for my new baby granddaughter coming in 5 weeks. And since our friends Kevin and Sarah are having a little girl, I will probably be ordering some more pink froggy ones soon. Don't tell Kevin and Sarah. LOL Anyway if you are having a baby boom all around you like we are, go and check out Barb's site.

Not much else is going on today. We are suppose to have a beautiful Spring day today. I've been faithfully walking with my sister every morning this week. It was cold on Monday and Tuesday but I have a thermos cup of my favorite coffee waiting for me in my car when we are done so I have something to look forward too when we finished. It's the little things in life that make me happy, like a cup of hot coffee flavored with fat free vanilla coffemate. I better go and make my coffee now! Have a great Wednesday!


Rue said...

What cuteness!

I need to start walking too. Winter was not kind to me LOL

We drink coffee the same way :)

Have a beautiful day,
rue :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Joan,
What a sweet package from Shannon. Let me know when you cross that ocean cuz I'll go with you to visit Shannon and Coll. Wouldn't that be a blast!!

Enjoy that coffee. I am so thankful for fat free coffeemate. It's the best.

Have a great day Joan.

LeAnn :)

Lille meg said...

Lucky you who got this goodies!
It is so exiting to get packages.
I recently got one myself, you know.
Have a great day!

justabeachkat said...

So many goodies!

I love coffeemate's fat free french vanilla and the vanilla caramel too. Yum!

Have a wonderful day.

Knit-Wit said...

That's what I need to do.... get out and start walking!

I love getting fun stuff in the mail. It always brightens the day.

wendster said...

Is there anything like getting fun stuff in the mail? Too cool and it looks ADORABLE!!! Wow.
And good job on the walking!
You look super already ... that must be how you keep your shape.
I'm walking every day too. One of these days I'll be so skinny that I won't even mind having my middriff photographed!
But not today! ha.

(Maybe I SHOULD post a before picture ... but not till I have an after picture to post next to it.)