Saturday, July 28, 2007

Travel Gadget and Cuteness

Update: The President of Portable Travel Profile left me a message in my comments. I called him yesterday to make sure it was really him and the offer of $10.00 off was legit. It was him and the offer stands if anyone is interested. Just contact him from the info in my comments. And if anyone does get this little gadget, let me know what you think of it. Again I have not personally tried this product.
In our newspaper today they had a neat little travel gadget called The Portable Travel Profile. Being new at this I haven't quite figured out how to put a picture on my site but you can go here to It looks like a cool little gadget that you can put your passport info, credit card and flight info all in one little USB gadget. It costs around $50.00. I have not personally tried this out but I love gadgets and this looks like a good idea.

Also in the category of cuteness, I have to tell you this story. We live in a family neighborhood with lots of little kids. Well, about this time every summer the kids start to get bored and almost always set up a lemonade stand in their driveways. The little girls down the street were quite creative. No plain lemonade stand for them----no way. They were selling rocks. that they took out of the yard and they colored them pretty colors. My sweet husband and son went down to their stand and bought three rocks from them for 25 cents a rock. I don't have a picture of them selling their rocks but I do have a picture of the rocks on my coffee table sitting with my polished river rocks. I have a feeling these little girls will be successful business women someday.
Safe Travels,


RVD said...

Thanks for the mention of Portable Travel Profile. I am the president of the company that makes these and just saw your blog on google. Give me a buzz or email me and ill send you a $10.00 off coupon so you can try, Same deal goes for anyone else on your blog.
Thanks again
Rob Van Dorselaer

Sarah said...

I used to sell rocks too! I lived in a rural area, and we had a gravel drive. We would wrap tape around rocks and color on them and try to sell them!

justabeachkat said...

Very creative little girls. You're right, they'll probably be very successful when they grow up. Love the photo of their rocks mixed in with yours.

I'll have to check out the Portable Travel Profile...sounds good.


Madison said...

Hi Grams,
We like your new blog!
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