Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Brave New World of Blogging

Okay, so I first decided to start this blog as a kind of travel blog and life blog. Though I am thinking it will be more of life then travel because let's face it we live more than we travel. I am hoping to post different travel destinations, ones that I have personally traveled and ones that I hope to travel someday and in between I'll share a little of my family (especially my baby granddaughter). In the meantime while I figure out this new world of blogging, welcome to my new site!!

Safe Travels,



Sarah said...

Yay! Welcome to the world of blogging. It's fun!

justabeachkat said...

Hi Joan

Welcome to the fun, yet addictive, world of blogging. I KNOW you're gonna have fun.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and for leaving your sweet comment. Come back again...you're always welcome.

I enjoyed my visit here to your blog and will come back. It's always nice to start off with a new blog and not have to "catch up".


Micki said...

Found you on Kat's site (justabeachkat) And that's the way blogging works. Before you know it tons of new friends.
Please let us know where the picture at the bottom (blue water, bridge, clouds) was taken. Just gorgous. Again, welcome.