Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Catering is Hard Work and a Tag!

Okay, who knew catering was such a hard job? We really had fun helping my sister in law with her first big catering job. She had to feed over 200 people for a wedding and she did a great job. Look what job I had assigned to me, the dishes! LOL Can't get away from those dang gone dishes no matter where I go. LOL But it was not so bad, everyone worked together really well and we had fun too. Here's a few photos.
Chocolate covered strawberries, these pretties flew off the table.
She made all of these beef tenderloins along with chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes etc.....These were so good and they were covered with rosemary.
My sweetie and Karen putting the finishing touches on the seared tuna. These babies were so good. And I got relieved from dish duty to help put these together.
Everyone decided to have a little fun while helping. A little wine and good food.........
The bride's aunt made a chocolate chip cheesecake for the wedding. She told us to cut it with dental floss. Has anyone ever heard of that before? It actually took too long to do and we went back to using a knife. I guess it was suppose to make it a cleaner cut but it was time consuming. All in all it was a success for my sister in law and she also got alot of people wanting her info for future catering jobs. My sweetie and I told her we would help anytime. But I have to tell you I was tired the next day. LOL

Okay on to fun bloggy stuff...........

My good buddy Donna from Cottage Days and Journeys has tagged me for this five game. Okay this was a little hard considering I can't even remember yesterday much less 10 years ago. Watch out for those flying monkeys coming your way Donna. LOL

The rules of this tag are to list 5 things about these 5 things that are about me. And, then I have to “tag” 5 people.

10 Years Ago:

1.My youngest child was only 16 years old. Oh that makes me feel so old.......
2. My sweetie and I went on a Southern Caribbean Cruise, right around this time of year.
3. Working at my first Travel Agency.
4. I think we went to Door County in Wisconsin ten years ago(everyone should visit there if you have the chance, it's so beautiful)
5. My sweetie and I were getting ready to celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary.

5 Things on Today’s “To-Do” List:

1. Get the gray out of my hair(important stuff)
2. Go to the grocery and get some cold medicine.
3. Work on a few projects around the house.
4. Clean
5. Maybe look for some new walking shoes(does anyone have a particular brand they really like? Mine are really getting worn and I've been looking at Ryka's this time.)

5 Snacks I Enjoy:

1. Dark Chocolate
2. Pretzels
3. Is coffee considered a snack........LOL
4. I am really loving Weight Watchers new cream filled spongecakes(yummy and only one point)
5. Baked pita bread chips

5 Things I Would Do If I Were Millionaire:

1. Take care of my family.
2. Travel
3. Make sure my grandbabies got a college education.
4. Be totally debt free
5. Help others in need

5 Places I Have Lived:

1. Cincinnati
2. Cincinnati
3. Cincinnati
4. Cincinnati
5. Cincinnati...........I've only lived in Cincinnati and have only changed addresses four times in my life and that's counting the house I grew up in.

5 Jobs That I Have Had

1. Teller in bank(I was not very good at it)
2. Receptionist at insurance company.
3. Mailroom girl (this was a fun job, I got to walk all around downtown Cincy while everyone else was stuck in the office)
4.Stay at home Mom(hardest and most rewarding job I ever had)
5. Travel agent

The job one is not in order except the last job. Okay, I know I am suppose to tag five people but I tag everyone who wants to play along. Fun tag Donna and watch your head when you take your walk to get your mail today because those flying monkeys are on their way. LOL I'll have some more photos of the "backyard project" later in the week. I am the project engineer so it's coming along. Also everyone has been sick in my house for the past few days, Maddie is just having a really rough time of it and I've been feeling it trying to get me now. Yuck, I hate being sick and we are all going to the Amish Country this weekend so I want it long gone by then. So helping with the sick little ones and being the project engineer for the backyard has made me behind in my blog visiting but I hope to catch up with everyone real soon. Don't forget about Brenda's Photo Challenge on October 18th. The theme is old and you can sign up here. I will be out of town but will have my photos scheduled to be posted. Have a great Tuesday!


Fran said...


Your catering job just wore me out! Is it nap time yet?


sarah cool said...

OH YUM!!!!!!!!!!

Sally said...

I'm sorry you all are under the weather, and hope you're better soon. The food looks delicious; so glad it all went well. Take care.

Donna said...

GOODNESS you've been Busy!!! Glad the catering went well...looks like ya'll had fun as Well!! Sorry you're sick sweetie!!! You get Better! Now!!hahaa...Have a Great weekend!!!hughugs

Brenda said...

P.S. I love your new header!

Brenda said...

Hahahaha, well shoot, I thought I'd already posted my comment so this is the P.S. (the phone rang as I was reading and I get distracted easily.

All the food looks delicious and I'd eat every bit except for the seared tuna. My husband says I eat everything well done burnt. :-)

Lille meg said...

It looks so yummy, all this goodies you made there!
I am sure catering is exiting, and that the customers are satisfied.
I also love your new heading. it was very nice!
Have a nice day (or night).

Donna said...

Hahaha!!!!!!! Will have to pack a pistol for my trip to the mailbox today! You did great on the challenge, and I appreciate you being such a good sport!

That catering job looks like lots of work - but also fun! Hope you get over your sickies quickly. You've got to be all well for your Amish Country trip!

LZ Blogger said...

Joan ~ I love the new fall template. And wow does this post ever make me hungry! What's with getting rid of the gray hair?... if I did that... I'd be bald! lol! ~ jb///

A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Good job of the tag...It is hard thinking back a day ago let alone 10 whole years,eh???
I had to think hard...Hmmmm
Take CARe

Kellan said...

Congrats on the catering job going so well - it looked delicious - wish I had been there - REALLY!

"Is coffee a snack" - HA! I do believe it is - !

Have a good evening, Joan - see you - Kellan

Jeanette said...

Never heard of cutting a cake with dental floss before. I guess that's because it doesn't seem to work so well! Those chocolate covered strawberries look very delicious!

celestina marie said...

Hi Joan, Congrats to your sister in law on the success of catering the dinner. The food looks so good. Yes, I have heard of the dental floss, but never tried it.
Loved reading your tag list.
You asked about the wheat intolerence. I probably had this for many years and did not know. Now that I do, I am much better.

So nice to see you today. Hope you feel better. Love your fall header.
Have a nice evening,
hugs, Celestina
la rea rose

Bev said...

I've heard of cutting cheesecake with dental floss, but can see where the regular stuff would be a bit too thin. I usually just use a wet knife, keep dipping it under running water after each slice and that seems to keep it from sticking to the knife.

Maria said...

Joan, the catering gig looks like fun. I just finished watched the first episode of Chef Jeff Project on foodnetwork tv and enjoyed it. Great photos! Everyone looks so clean, sharp, and professional.

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...


I am celebrating my 100th post. Please stop by and enter my giveaway.


Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

You guys make kitchen work look fun! (Hard to do, if you ask me) lol

Love your 5's. My favorite walking shoes are Clark's. I bought 2 pair last year at JCPenney and I swear they are THE most comfortable shoes I own. I love 'em.

And, of course, YUMM-O on the dark chocolate!