Friday, February 8, 2008

Lost Men and Lost the Show

Okay so the men aren't really lost in these photos, they just look lost. Why do they look lost and why did I take a photo of them? Because they cracked me up. The men in the photos above and below are actually waiting for their sweeties while they are shopping at a store in Naples, Fla. called The Best of Everything (you gotta love that name) and this is the way it goes everyday at The Best of Everything. The women are inside of this store for hours and the men patiently wait outside for them. It is a big store and I couldn't find a link for it on the internet. When we go we hit it at least once during our visit to Naples. It is a store filled with jewelry, mostly costume and purses and scarves etc.... All the things ladies love. I didn't see a sign that said "no men allowed" but the men just naturally go to their places outside in the chairs. Do they look totally bored or what? LOL Click on the photos so you can get a bigger view of their faces.
Maddie decided she would join the group of men while Great Grandma(my mil), Grandma(me) and Mommy(my daughter) shopped. I scored a sterling cuff bracelet there. Anyway Gramps was so patient while we went shopping, he played with Maddie at every store we went to.
And this is totally changing the subject but I just can't believe I have not mention the new Lost season yet. First of all it seems like I waited forever for it to come back on. Oh yea I did wait for months for these eight new shows. LOL Well, it was worth the wait. I know that Lost "lost" alot of people with it's plots and turns and not explaining a few of the mysteries but I am still a fan of the show. I love how they have now gone in the "future" instead of the past. I have no idea of where they are headed with this new plot but it's entertaining and you can be sure I'll be watching. If you have never watched Lost go out and rent the first season, the pilot episode is one of the best. Also, I MISS SPELL CHECK on blogger. I NEED spell check. :-) Hope you have a great Friday!


Tammy said...

My hubby would so be out there with the men!!

I watched Lost last night and the plot has "lost" me...LOL...still it is nice to watch something a tad familiar.

On the spell check thing...I've activated my Google toolbar and spell check works on posts and comments as long as they are not pop up comments.

Have a great day!

judy said...

Maddie looks so cute sitting in that chair. Hey, this time on Sunday, I'll be getting ready to go cruising!!!! Kind of can't wait!! We had the best travel agent put this cruise together.


Maria said...

I love the lost men photo. It really tells a story, doesn't it? And Maddy is too cute!

I am behind on Lost! I watched Season 1 on DVD and got halfway through Season 2 on DVD. Bought Season 3 for my hubby for Christmas. My husband and two sons watch it and couldn't wait for it to begin this season. Once my master's is over, I'm going to catch up on it. That's my plan anyway!

Sandi McBride said...

You know, Maddie is just a cutie, but I can't believe the shopping gene hasn't kicked in yet! Wish I had been with you...silver cuff bracelet you say? I love jewelry...

Anonymous said...

I meant to ask you about Lost. Allison & I have been watching and loved last nights show!!! Love Maddie's picture - can't wait to see her at lunch later. Read Judy's comment - man, I am so jealous that she is going on that cruise!!!! Hope she has fun especially in Key West!!!!


photowannabe said...

That lineup of men in chairs is hilarious. How nice there are chairs there for the patient men. Your Maddie is a real sweetheart.
My Hubby is a real fan of Lost..Tivo's it so he doesn't miss an episode. i just couldn't get into it so i go play computer games while its on.

Anonymous said...

I was going to guess those men were waiting while their significant others shopped! Maddie looks so cute in that chair! WTG on the silver cuff :-)

justabeachkat said...

Those photos are too funny and the one of Maddie is adorable. I've seen lots of places where the men just sit in the car or sit outside, especially here during "snowbird" season. I never got into Lost since I don't watch much TV, but I've seen the commercials and I probably would have liked it if I had started from the beginning.


Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Joan, now that's a funny pic! That guy in the orange t-shirt looks like he's gonna come grab that camera away from you, LOL.

Love the pic of you & your sweetie way back in the 70's. How fun!


david mcmahon said...

Nice work, Joan

Great idea for a picture sequence. Here in Australia, everything's topsy turvy so the blokes do the shopping and our wives wait outside.

Now THAT's a photograph for you!!

Kellan said...

I love the pictures of the men and especially of Maddie - how cute. I also love LOST and am still a HUGE fan!!! I also miss spell check - what the heck is going on? Is it ever going to come back - I need spell check! Take care and have a good weekend - Kellan

Mel's World said...


I have seen that store, but have never gone in. With three guys in tow at all time there is NO WAY they would even let me enter the store.

What a cutie patootie she is in that chair!

I LOVE LOST and am so totally psyched that it is back on!!! YEAH!


Tracy said...

We are big Lost fans here. Even the kids like it. :)

Irene said...

I love seeing the guys waiting for the gals! That always cracks me up!

I feel so LOST because I have never seen "Lost"!! I know I am missing something good. I have been thinking of renting the first season but have yet to get around to it! I will, definitely, soon!

daryl e said...

What great memories you just stirred (I am here by way of David's blog, by the way) .. my late parents lived in Deerfield Beach and at first I thought you'd taken that photo at one of the small 'malls' there but I guess they all 'look alike' .. and LOST . .ahhh .. wonderful show .. lets hope with the WGA strike almost settled they will be able to get a few more shows completed/aired before end of May .. :)

Karolee said...

Ahhhh.... Naples Fl. I thought you had gone to Naples Italy :)

I only saw one episode of Lost and I was lost.