Monday, June 3, 2013

Let it Be....

So in my quiet times with God, I keep hearing the same thing in my mind...let it be...and I'm thinking maybe He means let it go.... But no it's always let it be.  So this is me letting it be.  :-)
My sweet niece graduated from high school last week!! She was number 6 in her class!! I just know she has an exciting journey ahead of her!!
I took this pic in downtown Cincinnati the night of her graduation.  It's a very old church that was built in the late 1800's but don't you think it looks like something  you would find in Europe?
These two sweeties spent Saturday night with me. Of course Gommy had to get them a little stuff animal.  Ha!
The pool is open for business.  Anyone want to join us this Summer?
And who know hiking could be so much fun??  We packed red velvet cakes and water to keep us going.  Did I tell you I'm going to Hawaii in a few months?  I'm very excited to see all the islands.  I've been trying to convince Maddie to let me take her Hawaiian doll Kanani with me. Haha!!   I'll blog more about the trip as it gets closer!!  Aloha for now!!!


Donna said...

Congratulations to your niece! She must be a smart cookie! And the grands are having fun with hiking and the pool. You better take some energy pills to keep up with them, LOL. And Hawaii sounds exciting! Charge up those camera batteries because we'll be expecting photos, of course.

Sally said...

I'm excited for you #1 spending time with the little ones; Hunter saw the pool and wanted to know if Ohio is in Florida!

#2 Hawaii? Girl, that's exciting too! I am happy for you. And, yes there comes a time (maybe many times) when we just have to let it be.


Maria said...

Love this peek into your blessed life! Hawaii is gorgeous!