Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Busy Life

Ok so it's been busy crazy at my house and will only get more so this Summer!   Guess who sold their house and had to be out quickly?   LOL.  The little girlies and Mommy and Daddy. So I have a full house until they find a new home.  They are very excited about moving in with Gommy until they find a house.  
I also got to spend some time with my Dad on Father's Day.  He was having a good day that day and that always makes me happy when he's doing well. What's everyone up to this Summer?  Any special plans or vacations?


Donna said...

It will be a full house for a while, LOL! Glad to hear that your dad is doing OK these days. Our summer plans are getting scrambled up this year. Can't talk about it now, since things still aren't settled.

Sally said...

You have such a wonderful, loving family. I know you'll enjoy having the little girls there; they're so cute! It's always so nice to hear that you enjoyed a visit with your dad on a good day.

No vacation plans, although same here with looking for a house (for my daughter to buy). :)

Enjoy, and take time for you to rest when you can.