Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Morning Photo Dump

Happy Monday!!!  Since I am so bad about posting anymore, I thought I would try something different here to keep my poor little blog current.  I am constantly on Instagram(kind of obsessed with it...LOL) and if you are on Instagram let me know so I can follow name is gommy1 on it.  Anyway I thought I would do a photo dump of my past week each Monday of photos I took with my cell phone and put on Instagram.  It's kind of like my week in photos.  Of course this past week was filled with 4th of July goodness and sweet baby faces and a trip downtown to Cincy's Findlay Market! Happy Monday friends and I hope this week brings you special memories captured with your camera!!


Donna said...

These photos are SO adorable Joan!
People seem to be on FB more these days...sigh...Glad you posted!

Sally said...

Well, goodness gracious sakes alive. I know it's really you; I recognize the photo's. I'm happy to see you, Joan. I know all you girls have that fancy dancy equipment for photo's, but don't be a stranger here either.

Love ya!!!