Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Trying one more time!!!! :-)

Here's a rundown of what I've been up to these past few months!!  I set up the new blogger layout for posting but haven't quite figured it all out yet, so my pictures are out of order.  Oh well, I guess I'm lucky I even got on my blog to even try to post these days!!  It's been very busy the past few months. The grands are all getting big and growing up way too fast for me. Would you guys just slow down a bit? I love having my little guys awhile longer!  :-)   My sisters and I went on a cruise with Karen Kingsbury. It was so much fun and if you have never read a Karen Kingsbury book, I highly recommend them.  Start with the Redemption series and go from there. You will be hooked. She is just as nice in person as I thought she would be. So gracious and kind and willing to take time with her fans. She brought Mandisa and Matthew West, Brit Nicole and Anthem Lights with her and the entertainment was fantastic. We had the best time.  And I was so excited to get to meet Kari again when she came in town to visit. The time goes so fast when ever she comes here and my sister June and I met her to go shopping and out to eat lunch.   Rico is getting big and is such a good kitty but boy is he a nosy little thing, he's always getting into stuff and always seems surprised when he falls or gets stuck somewhere.  LOL  And my poor sweet Dad has been in the hospital for almost 6 weeks now. He took a tumble in his condo and when we took him to hospital they found an infection in his feet, they had to amputate part of one of his feet.  It's tough when the parent becomes dependent. So we are looking for a safe nice place for him.  Very hard stuff but his safety is our biggest concern.  I can't believe  I got to meet Donna from Cottage Days and Journeys!!  I have pics but not sure if Donna wanted me to post them since she and her hubby like to be in back of the camera instead of in front of it!  :-) She's just as sweet and nice as you think she is and her hubby is pretty nice too.   Little Savannah was dedicated at our church this past weekend!  So that's about it in a quick nutshell...ha!!  Almost 4 months in one post. Hope everyone is doing great, I keep up with  most of you guys on Facebook but miss blogging.  Just wish I had more hours in the day to do everything!!


Donna said...

You HAVE been busy Girl!
SO sorry about your Dad! Hope you find a great spot for him to feel safe in...Also, all those babies ARE growing up too darn fast!Hahaaa...precious!
I know your visit with Miz Donna was a FUN one! Isn't she a Doll?!!!
Enjoy your day sweetie! See you on FB!

Sally said...

Joan! It's really you. SO happy to see you, and those photo's of the babies! They're all so precious.

I'll keep you, you family and your dad in my prayers. It's so, so hard to see our parents suffer.


Donna said...

Hey, you posted!!! Love all these pics of the family and you! I posted a photo of us the other day. I gave us both a "facial", LOL. I am NOT good when it comes to editing people pics! You are right that I am not fond of being in front of the camera, but it would be OK for you to post one of your photos.

It was so great to finally meet you!!! Now your daughter knows that we aren't ax murderers or anything bad like that, LOL! Glad you liked Jim too. He's a honey. Can't believe we've been together for over 30 years.

Hope you are getting over that cold and getting your dad settled into his new place. You've had your hands full with activities, so please get your rest!

Brenda said...

They tell me busy is good so I keep trying. It sure looks good on you! Your babies are as beautiful as ever and your photos are glorious!!