Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Saying goodbye to the Summer........

 It's been a great Summer and I'm sad to see it go. For me Labor Day always marks the end of Summer.  So since I've been slacking in the blog world this Summer(and past two years), here's a run down of my Summer!! Spending Sundays at my brother in law's house..watching the kids fish and than eating the fish. Great Summer memories!!
 Maddie's 5th birthday...I can't believe my sweet Maddie is already 5 years old. When I tell her and Sydney and Cameron they have to stop growing so fast and stay little, they always tell me"they have to get big"  We'll have a new baby to love on soon!!  :-)

 Christina and I at the Paul McCartney concert. It was so much fun!! And she enjoyed it as much as I did!
 Spending time with my family.....my three grand kids loving on each other....

Learning how to do Yoga... I actually love doing yoga and I've been spinning too..but I don't have a picture of that..LOL

Meeting new friends..I was so lucky to get to go down to Ft. Lauderdale and tour the Oasis and Allure Royal Caribbean ships...it was so much fun and such a treat. I hope to go on one of them some day!!

And just enjoying everything the Summer has to offer. I'm still in a season of trying to figure out some things in my life but I'm getting there..it's slow and there are times I think I should have it all figured out by now but as always in life that's not the case, it's ok because I'm learning to take it day by day.   I had a wonderful Summer and I hope you all did too. Time to start Christmas shopping......:-)


Jeanette said...

Looks like you had a wonderful summer! You have such sweet grandbabies! Great post but did you have to ruin it by mentioning Christmas!

Donna said...

Uggggg....I'm not so sure about the Christmas shopping thing even though I Have started!

Love all the photos and don't worry about figuring it all out...I haven't either!Hahaaa

Sally said...

LOVE the photo's, Joan. Your babies are growing up so fast! And, look at you doin' yoga. That totally rocks, girl!!

This summer has gone by so fast, yet day by day it seems like forever with the heat, wildfires, no rain, etc. But, it's all good. And, yep you'll figure it out 'cause you're a smart lady!