Saturday, July 30, 2011

The many reasons why I "heart" my blogging friends!

Blogging friends are always there for you with an encouraging word or two. Blogging friends are always supported and kind. They share the mountains and the valleys of life with you.  When you are on the mountain they share the joy of it with you and when you are in the valley they share the pain and pray for you and encourage you through it.  I didn't even realize that my little blog had an anniversary last week until someone commented on it. It's been five years since I started this little blog on a whim. Never even dreaming that these virtual friends would become real life friends to me. I recently joined Google Plus(which I'm still trying to figure out) and it is connected to my blogger account so it pulled up all the photos I have shared on my blog over five years. WOW!!! There were so many and it was so much fun to look back over them!!
Thank you blogging friends for going on my journey of life with me(the highs and the lows) and all your encouragement and prayers along the way. Thanks for still coming back to this blog even though I am a slacker most of the time(just shows me how faithful you are to a friendship and makes me love you even more). But most of all I thank you for your friendship and how blessed I feel because of it!!


Brenda said...

You've been a blessing in many lives also Miz Joan.

Justabeachkat said...

It's so true. Blogging has been a WONDERFUL way to meet people who we probably would have never met otherwise. I'm so glad you and I did. I'm just hoping one day you and I will meet in real life. Love you, love your blog.

Happy Blogiversary sweet friend!


Sally said...

Awww, so sweet, Joan! I heart you, and so very happy we met on this highway! (((hugs)))

Jeanette said...

So sweet and so true! Happy Blogversary!!

Donna said...

Happy Blogaversary (late)Hahaaaa!!
I missed my 4yr one in July as well...don't feel bad.
You are Always a joy to read Miz Joan!!

Karen said...

Your words are so true! I am certainly a slacker when it comes to my blog lately, but I love catching up with all of you!