Monday, May 2, 2011

Easter, a Birthday and Women of Faith!!

I'm a week behind in posting my Easter photo but better late than never!! That seems to be my motto lately..... Here's the three munchkins on Easter right before we had brunch with Great Papa.  It's getting so hard to get a decent photo of all three of them anymore. No one will hold still for me to take photos!  :-)  It was a good Easter weekend, very busy with family but so good!

And my son, Jimmy had a birthday last week so we all went out to eat dinner at one of his favorite places here in Cincinnati. It's a good thing they put us in the corner and that it was a busy place because these three were bouncing off the walls. Probably all the cake and cookies we had!  :-)

And last weekend I got to go to a Women of Faith event in Columbus, Ohio.  I've never been to Columbus and it's just two hours away from me. It's a great city and this event is AWESOME!! I loved it!  The funny thing is I went all by myself, I might have been one of the few women who were not part of a big group there and they put me right on the floor in a really good spot and I was next to the camera guy(who was so sweet to me) and Natalie Grant's body guard, who might have been the body guard for all the event speakers and singers. I never did figure that one out.  I (and the other thousands of women there) cried when Angie Smith told her story of her sweet baby girl and Sheila Walsh is just a terrific speaker. It was just a great time of learning and drawing near to God and I hope to go again next year!!
That about sums up the past week.  Not much planned for this week so far except getting my hair done and starting a work out routine and my regular work schedule(ha!). I hope to get out in the yard this week but the rain has been never ending here in Ohio. My poor little new bike is getting no action these days...the rain has to stop sometime, right?  I hope everyone has a great week planned!! Happy Monday!


Donna said...

Those little grands are cute as always! Glad you got to go to that event and soaked it all in! One of these days we have got to jump in the car and run up to Cincy to see you in person!

Jeanette said...

Sounds like a busy Easter for you! Your grandchildren are so precious. It's rainy here in MI lately, too. Seems like were never going to get a Spring!

Donna said...

Love the shots!! How sweet they all are!
Sounds like you are having a blast Girl!
Good for you...
Happy Birthday to Jimmy! My Jimmy's b/day was the 27th...

Sally said...

I just love seeing your babies, Joan. They are just the cutest!!!

So glad you were able to go to Columbus; that sounds awesome. My oldest brother was born there; of course I don't remember, I only ll months old. :)

Have a happy week!!

Love ya!!

Kat aka Beachkat said...

Your littles sure are getting BIG! So cute!

Hugs sweet friend,