Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Because God loves Me........

Because God Loves Me 1st Corinthians 13:4-8

Because God loves me He is slow to lose patience with me.

Because God loves me He takes the circumstances of my life and uses them in a constructive way for my growth.

Because God loves me He does not treat me as an object to be possessed and manipulated.

Because God loves me He has no need to impress me with how great and powerful He is because He is God, nor does he belittle me as His child in order to show me how important He is.

Because God loves me He is for me, He wants to see me mature and develop in His love.

Because God loves me He does not send down His wrath on every little mistake I make, of which there are many.

Because God loves me He does not keep score of all my sins and then beat me over the head with them whenever He gets the chance.

Because God loves me He is deeply grieved when I do not walk in the ways that please him, because He sees this as evidence that I don't trust Him and love Him as I should.

Because God loves me He rejoices when I experience His power and strength and stand up under the pressures of life for His Name's sake.

Because God loves me He keeps on working patiently with me even when I feel like giving up and can't see why He doesn't give up with me, too.

Because God loves me He keeps trusting me when at times I don't even trust myself.

Because God loves me He never says there is no hope for me; rather, He patiently works with me, loves me and disciplines me in such a way that it is hard for me to understand the depth of His concern for me.

Because God loves me He never forsakes me, even though many of my friends might.

Because God loves me He stands with me when I have reached the rock of despair, when I see the real me and compare that with his righteousness, holiness, beauty, and love. It is a moment like this that I can really believe that God loves me.

Yes, the greatest of all gifts is God's perfect love.

Courtesy of Dick Dickinson.

I posted this a few years ago and had found it looking back over my blog.  It's an oldie but goodie and one that I need to hear from time to time. Hope everyone is well and safe. Will try to do an update post on what's going on in my life soon!


Sally said...

I love this, Joan, and should read it every single day. God, our Father, does love us even with our sins and flaws. I thank you for reposting it.

Love you, and wish you a very happy and blessed day, my friend. ((hugs))

Donna said...

Beautiful and True!
Hope you are well and safe Girl!

Donna said...

Thank you for helping to cheer our souls! I've been wondering how you have been going. I'd still love to come up there and visit with you sometime! Ah, I need to quit this working thing later on this year! LOL.

Brenda said...

Lovely and so truly helpful! Happy Weekend young lady!