Monday, January 4, 2010

New Year's Fun!

I hope everyone had a great New Year's weekend! I had a great time. I had some good friends over on New Year's Eve and they bought Olive Garden take out, we had so much fun and the food was wonderful too. On New Year's Day I went to a little party to watch the Sugar Bowl(the Bearcats lost) and ate sauerkraut for the first time ever. I loved it!! I guess it's suppose to be goodluck to eat sauerkraut for the New Year. I ate enough of it to bring me lots of luck in 2010! LOL I also tried espresso vodka, which basically taste like a yummy coffee drink........dangerous....hahaha...and on Saturday my little girlfriends came over while Mommy and Daddy went out on a date. We made pizza and chocolate chip cookies, you know all healthy food.....hahaha.....we also played with the girls new Elefun game, which is the top photo and Maddie played Paper Toss on my Iphone all night. She was really into it........So now it's really cold here in Ohio and I am still trying to get that border off my bathroom walls so I can finish with this painting. I hope everyone has a great Monday and you are staying warm!


Cathy said...

My girls loved Elefun when they were little! We have some cute video of them playing with their cousins!

Donna said...

You have been overdosing on FUN! Way to go! Now get back to taking off that dated wallpaper border, LOL.

Donna said...

HAhahaa!! I Learned Early in like about adding borders...gads, what Work!hughugs

Susie Q said...

That looks like so much fun!!
They are just so cute...and I know you have fun with them!
Happy new year sweet Joan! Wishing you boat loads of joy this year!

Brenda said...

I'm trying to stay warm here but it's not working.

Your babies sure are sweetie pies and they're growing up so fast!

Kat said...

Happy New Year sweet friend.

Hugs from the beach!

Sandy said...

Happy New Year! Have fun taking that wallpaper off - not a fun thing to do!

LZ Blogger said...

That "sauerkraut" comment means you've never had a Ruben Sandwich then? You are missing out there! ~ jb///

Michelle said...

Kayla and Lucas got the Elefun for Christmas too...I ended up cutting about 5 inches off the trunk and it works so much better now!