Monday, September 14, 2009

Has it really been two weeks????

First off has it really been two whole weeks since I last posted something on my blog??? I am becoming a bad, bad blogger.........LOL But I've been really busy and the weather has been gorgeous here in Ohio so I've been taking advantage of that and getting out of the house(alot). But I really do miss you guys and hope to have more time to visit soon. :-)
Saturday morning I did the Race for a Cure walk with my sisters and niece and two of my brother in laws. It was more of a stroll for a cure because there were so many people walking there was no way you were going to race but they had a great turn out and the weather was just the best. This first photo is at the ballpark here in Cincy, it was open for the race. Thank goodness because we could actually use real potties instead of those porta ones(that is a big deal to me). LOL

So many pink items were for sale but I thought this one was cute "real men wear pink"

Here we are right before the race started at the ballpark. From left to right, it's my sister Gail, my sister Judy, little old me, my niece Allison and my sister June. Yea, I have alot of sisters.......LOL

These next two shots are to show you how big of a turnout it was. Look at this!!!!!

This is the bridge we call the Purple People bridge here in Cincy! It is purple and no cars drive on it only people. It's one of the bridges that connects Cincinnati to Northern Kentucky.

We made it across the finish line!!! Yea!!! The breast cancer survivors got medals as they crossed the line. It was a wonderful walk and a good cause!
I hope you all are well and I am really trying to get my act together and post more and check in on everyone more. Happy Monday!!! :-)


Cathy said...

Glad to see you back. Sounds like a great walk. Love the pictures. I've never been on the Purple People Bridge. I may have to do that walk next year.

Jeanne said...

Good for you and your sisters doing the walk together. Great images!

Nita Jo said...

What a wonderful turnout for such a great cause! Thanks for sharing all the photos. Love that Purple People bridge.

Brenda said...

I love that purple people bridge!

Welcome back!

Donna said...

Yeah - bad, bad blogger! Been missing you, LOL!

Glad you had a wonderful walk. Looks like the weather cooperated too! That is such a wonderful area up there, makes me want to come for a visit again!

And I hope everyone gets their annual "boobie" check! I know that I do!