Monday, March 30, 2009

Babies, Babies and More Babies............

Warning!! Lots of photos of babies ahead. I know I am breaking some unspoken blogging rule of too many photos in a post. LOL But I just couldn't pick which ones to post so I am posting lots of photos. Not that they are great photos or anything, did you ever try to take photos of lots of babies under the age of two? NOT AN EASY THING TO DO! They all look in different directions but some of the ones turned out funny. Cameron had a great time at his 1st birthday party, even if it was a bit overwhelming for the little guy sometimes. This first photo is of all the great grandbabies on my hubby's side of the family. It's the first time we have had them all together. From the left are my granddaughters, Maddie and Sydney and my grandson Cameron and my great niece Jaycee. I have more photos of this gang below.

Jaycee seems to think there's something very interesting in Cameron's ear!

Cameron loved all the presents he received but all of the kiddies loved this soft pretend sword!

I have this little alphabet learning toy that hangs on my refrig and all the little ones just love it.

Maddie is looking at Cameron and Sydney like "can't you two just act mature for once" LOL

Cameron is saying "I'm the winner" I have no idea what Maddie and Jaycee are looking up at.

Sydney says "not so fast birthday boy"

Look Sydney took it back.................

My three favorite guys, my son Jim, my sweetie Mike and my grandson Michael Cameron.

Cameron enjoying his birthday cake......................

What's a birthday without icing all over your face?

I told you there were alot of babies in this post. There seems to be a mini baby boom with my son's friends and they all came over to celebrate Cameron's birthday. Cameron was outnumbered by girls, he was the only little boy there, he's a ladies man for sure. LOL

Cameron and Sydney are going to be so funny together as they get older. I think she was using Cameron to try and pull herself up.

Maddie decided to take lots of photos of everyone. I don't where she gets that from. LOL

The birthday boy playing with all his friends and cousins. We had fun and I think he did also. Thanks for letting me play the proud Gommy for this post! Hope everyone has a wonderful week!


A Bite of Country Cupcakes said...

Lotsa little people.
Love Camerons little Jumper!
He looks to have lots of Ladies attention

TCKK said...

Who could mind seeing bunches of pictures when they are all that cute!!!

Maria said...

What fun photos! I can imagine all that cuteness in one home. Happy Birthday to Cameron!

YaYa's Funhouse said...

What fun!! I can hardly wait until my grands are running around like this. Oh and the cake!!! MMMMMM looks like so much fun.

Brenda said...

I LOVE seeing your babies!! Cameron didn't seem to mind being the only little boy in the crowd at all.

Jeanette said...

Awwww..look at all those sweet's a cheek kissing heaven!

Donna said...

Lots of fun, laughter, and love there!

Mary Isabella and Kiley too! said...

They are so sweet...m.

justabeachkat said...

So many cute photos!! Looks like fun.


Wibeche og Rune said...

They are all so sweet:)


Katie said...

It's awesome that you were able to get them to all sit still-ish to get pics.

Donna said...

HAHahahahaa....Ahhhhh, Gommy!!! They Love you!!!hughugs

Leedra said...

I enjoyed the post of all the little ones. Didn't know there was a limit to how many photos to a post. I might one of the ones that goes over that limit at time. LOL

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photowannabe said...

This was so much fun. I loved getting my Gramdma fix. My youngest is almost 6 so no more babies...
Looks like Cameron liked his cake. Too cute.

Irene said...

I love all your photos!!! Your little babies are all so cute! But, seriously...wasn't their birth announcement post just the other day??? I can't believe how big they are all getting!

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