Wednesday, January 9, 2008

An Award and I've been tagged

Tammy from The Pink Magnolia passed this award on to me and I appreciate it so much. Thanks Tammy! Here is what this award is about:

"So here's to all the blogs that you've discovered that you can't possibly live without. They make you laugh, cry, think and feel connected everytime you read a post. They give you a thrill as you see them loading into your browser and you get an equally satisfying thrill when you see they have commented on your blog. "

I am doing the same as Tammy did and awarding this to all the blogs on my favorite list and anyone else who stops by and visits me. Because I really need to update my favorite list again.

Also my good blogging buddy shannon from Paint Mine Pink has tagged me to tell 10 weird things about me. Only ten shannon ? I'm sure there are lots more but this still was a little hard to think of, probably because in my eyes my weirdness is normal. LOL Okay so here goes:

1) I can crack my right big toe over and over again. It's weird because I can do it anytime, anywhere it just makes that cracking sound.

2) I brush my teeth about a hundred times a day. Okay maybe it's really 5 or 6 times a day but I must have my teeth feeling clean. That's weird isn't it? Or maybe it's just being OCD. Drives my sweetie crazy with the amount of toothpaste we go through.

3)I used to eat lots and lots of ice. It had to be crushed and it couldn't be from my refrig, it had to be the bag kind and then I would crush it some more in my blender and put some crystal lite lemonade powder on it and eat it, there would be no water in it. Who knew that eating weird stuff is a sign of anemia? After my anemia was fixed, I stopped eating the ice, and just like that my craving for it was gone. That was a really weird phase of my life. I should go back to eating it because it helped me lose some weight, but it's bad for your teeth.

4)When I sneeze it's usually in a series of threes. I don't just sneeze once, it almost always is three times in a row. That's really weird.

5) I must have certain foods in my house at all times and not just one of them, I have to have a back up. Like I must have two containers of my coffemate sugar free vanilla creamer in the refrig and more then one package of crystal lite lemonade and always pita bread. Can a person live on coffee creamer, crystal lite and pita bread? LOL

6)I wear my favorite sandals all year long(around the house). There could be snow outside and it can be 10 degrees but I'm still wearing my sandals and getting my toes polished. It makes me happy to see my toes nice and pretty.

7)I change the words to songs and make them silly. Like for instance there's a song by the Cranberries that I think is called Linger and she sings"I'm such a fool for you, do you have to let it linger" or something like that. Well, I sing do you have too many fingers instead of the linger part. Yea, that's definitely weird but hey it's fun to change the words.

8)Some people think this is weird. I go to movies by myself and enjoy it. Not always but sometimes it is so nice to sit in a dark theater and enjoy a movie with no distractions and just escape for an hour or two all by myself.

9)I talk to my cat and she seems to understand me and she listens really well. Now I know that's not weird or at least not to me.

10)I call the mailman the Squirrel. I have no idea why I do this, been doing it for years. Now that I think about it I call stores by odd names also. But my family knows exactly what I mean if I yell out the squirrel just came and then someone will go and get the mail. (I don't call the mailman a squirrel to his face, he's really nice).
Hey, I just realized I'm pretty weird and some of you may never come back to my site again. LOL So I am off today spreading all of my weirdness across Cincinnati.

Okay, so if any of you guys want to play along please do and let me know so we can compare weirdness. Also if you have never paid shannon a visit please go over or should I say go visit her down under because she's an Aussie. She has a beautiful blog and she make all kinds of pretty things that are in my favorite color pink. Have a great Wednesday!


Anonymous said...

Congrats on your award (you earned it, babe!), and your 10 weird things post gave me a much needed laugh for the day...Squirrel?? I think if we met IRL we would definitely be friends! BTW, I don't think it's weird to go to the movies by yourself :-)

Steph said...

So weird.. I'm not even kidding, when I saw "10 weird things about myself" I *immediately* thought to myself "She calls the mailman the squirrel" LOL! I'm so glad you mentioned that!

Tammy said...

I used to do the ice thing too...crunch, crunch, shiver, shiver...I mean tremble so bad even under layers of blankets/throws. I found out I was severely anemic too! A few points away from a transfusion even!
I'm glad I got things corrected and glad you did too!

Sandi McBride said...

To my TOe Cracking Toothbrushing pal, go get your bloodwork checked honeygirl, ice eating is a sign of anemia...I was told this by a Doctor of Medicine that I trust with my life. My father.

Kellan said...

For a perfectly normal looking lady - you are crazy wierd!!! In a really fun way! I love the squirrel reference and i also love that I am on your favorites list. Congrats on the award and thanks for passing it along! Have a great Thursday. Kellan

Kari & Kijsa said...

how fun!! We do love a pedicure in the middle of absolute splurge!

kari & kijsa

Irene said...

Those are funny and somewhat weird things! I like the mailman story, don't quite understand it, but like it (haha).

I have never been to the movies by myself. When I was younger, I would never have had the confidence. I would feel like a dork. But now that I am older, I just don't have time. We NEVER ever go to movies. I am sure, once the kids grow up, I will have so much more time. Maybe I will try it then.


LOL Joan , what a crack up ! Love the squirrel bit, thats sooo funny.
I change song words too...though sometimes not on purpose ha ha.
You are too funny.


justabeachkat said...

Congrats on the award! You so deserve it.

I love reading about your "weirdness". LOL None of it sounds weird to me...guess that makes me weird too.