Sunday, January 12, 2014

Rico the Crazy Cat

Rico is now two years old and he is always funny!!   Hey, he even has his own hashtag on instagram, it's called #ricothecrazycat...LOL   He is also a lot of fun to take photos of because of his coloring and eyes.   Look he's sticking his tongue out at me and trying to take over my ipad.  :-)   
So it's already January 12th and I am so over Winter and can't wait for Spring and Summer.  The only good thing about Winter is that some of my favorite shows are on.  Watching Downton Abbey is where you will find me every Sunday night!  
Life is good and full and fun right now and I'm hopeful for 2014.  What are you hopeful for this year? 


Donna said...

Rico looks like a character! I'm with you on the let's-get-winter-overwith attitude. I see daffodil blades starting to tip out of the ground, and that really gets me anxious for spring weather! Glad to see Downton Abbey back on too. We're hopeful that this is a better year for us, and we're looking forward to making the trips that we had to cancel last year!

Sally said...

Such cute pictures!

Although Florida is "supposed" to be sunshine state; I think we lost out this winter. :)


Justabeachkat said...

I'm loving Downton Abbey too!
So ready for Spring and Summer.