Monday, July 30, 2012

Monday Morning Instagram Dump!!

Summer days go by way too fast for me!! This past week I spent time swimming with my babies, getting beautiful sunflowers for my kitchen, cleaning up after big storms rolled through Cincy and dumped all my lawn furniture in the pool, having dinner with good friends and of course watching the Olympics!! Who is watching the Olympics and what is your favorite part so far?  I loved the archery and of course the swimming!  Have a great week friends!

Monday, July 23, 2012

Monday Morning Instagram Photo Dump!!

I hope Summer is bringing you silly faces, fun picnics, little boys and their toys, beautiful flowers and seeing the clouds reflected in the windows!!!  Summer is my favorite time of year!! Enjoy your bright Summer Monday friends!!  

Monday, July 16, 2012

Monday Morning Photo Dump!!

Good Monday morning!!!  I hope everyone had a good week!!  It's been so dry here in Ohio this Summer and my grass looks like straw~LOL  Anyway, here's my week in photos!  My sisters and I cleaned out my Dad's condo for his move into assisted living this week and we found this wonderful old picture of him and my Mom when they were so very young!! :-)  I love the look of happiness on their faces!!  I found a cicada shell in my backyard...yuck....they are some creepy looking bugs!  I lost five pounds..not all in one week(:-) and earned my 5 pounds gone badge with my fitbit account!! Yay for me!!  I tried the new refreshers at Starbucks, they are very good and not too many calories per serving and they give you a natural pick me up.  And I got to watch little baby girl, just me and her and of course Mr. Rico...:-)  Have a great week and enjoy the every moment of the Summer!!  It goes way to fast for me!!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Monday Morning Photo Dump

Happy Monday!!!  Since I am so bad about posting anymore, I thought I would try something different here to keep my poor little blog current.  I am constantly on Instagram(kind of obsessed with it...LOL) and if you are on Instagram let me know so I can follow name is gommy1 on it.  Anyway I thought I would do a photo dump of my past week each Monday of photos I took with my cell phone and put on Instagram.  It's kind of like my week in photos.  Of course this past week was filled with 4th of July goodness and sweet baby faces and a trip downtown to Cincy's Findlay Market! Happy Monday friends and I hope this week brings you special memories captured with your camera!!