Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Just wanted to say Happy Halloween to everyone from my favorite little goblins and my photos go along with the Brenda Photo Challenge theme for Halloween too. I hope everyone has a fun and safe day. Maddie and Sydney are coming over for pizza and trick or treating later on today. We all have been fighting some sickness so hopefully everyone will be feeling better. Maddie had walking pneumonia and has been doing breathing treatments all week but she feels lots better now and is so excited about trick or treating! This bottom photo is from last year but has always been one of my favorites! So pizza and candy today, haha.......where's that pink stuff for stomach aches..........Have a great day and go over here and check out who's playing in Brenda's Photo Challenge today! I'm betting there will be some BOOtastic photos...........

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy Birthday Christina!!

Happy Birthday Christina! My youngest turns 28 today and nothing says happy birthday like an old photo(love that big button bow thingy)! We went out to dinner Saturday night which was lots of fun and tomorrow Christina starts nursing school. Some big changes for her but very exciting. Happy Birthday! I love you!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

Fall Photo Session!!

We took the girls out the other day to get a few photos while the Fall colors were still around. This is at a park by my house on the Ohio River! All of the photos are straight out of the camera, I just haven't had time to play with photos lately. This one of the girls is my favorite!

Here's one of me and little Sydney! What you don't see here is Maddie off to my side not wanting to get in the photo holding on tight to a bag of sugar cookies I had brought along to bribe her with!! LOL

Sweet, sweet sisters..............

Anyway, we had a few really beautiful Fall days here in Ohio but are now back to rain and chilly. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. We are celebrating a birthday this weekend, which I am sure I will take lots of photos to share next week!! Happy Weekend!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun..............

Even though I've been a slacker lately I have made some good friends from this blog and I got to meet one on Friday!!! I've never met any of my blogging buddies before so I was thrilled to finally meet Kari! She is just how I pictured her to be, outgoing and friendly, beautiful inside and out.........and she's a great listener because I'm afraid I talked her ears off(sorry Kari...). We had so much fun, I tried to show her a little of Cincinnati and we did a little bit of shopping at Ikea and I truly just enjoyed her company. So my question is when are you coming back Kari because I thought of a million other places for you to see and when are the rest of you guys going to come to visit me in Cincy? :-) I just know I would love meeting you all!!
Okay, I totally stole these photos from my daughter but I just had to share my cute little granddaughters Maddie and Sydney and their trip to the pumpkin patch or as Maddie calls it the pumpkin pants!! Maddie was so excited telling Gommy all about this wonderful place that has pumpkins everywhere!!

And I love, love this last photo of the two girls walking down the road with the pumpkins on either side and they are holding hands! Is this not the sweetest photo?
Anyway, I am slowly making my way around blogville(very slowly), it seems like I have missed alot being a slacker! Hope it's a great Monday for everyone, it's finally sunny here and the leaves are beautiful right now in Cincy!!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Visit to the Firehouse

This past weekend our local firehouse had an open house and we took the grandkids to it. They had so much fun, Cameron is going to be a fireman for Halloween so he was very excited and even though these guys are still a little young to even understand what firemen do they loved the big firetrucks and equipment!

Everyone's checking out the big firetruck!!
Maddie had to explain to Cameron what's going on! :-)

They had the ladder all the way up with balloons on it. It was a beautiful Fall day here in Cincy!!

The kids were a little concerned about this dummy on the floor. Ha..........

And Cameron loved sitting on the big firetruck!!

Just one last photo of the fireman's boots sitting on the floor ready for them to put on. Okay, before I go today I have to tell you. I am meeting a fellow blogger tomorrow for the first time. Actually it's the first time I have met any blogger in real life and I am so excited to finally meet her in person. Can you guess who it is???? It's Kari from Just Livin Large!! I'm sure I'll have lots of photos to share! I'm pretty excited to finally get to meet her! I'm surprise any of you guys are still hanging with me since I've become a slacker----haha.........but some of you know that I've had a rough six months or so but am coming out the other side a stronger woman. Happy Thursday!!!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I'm Such a Slacker................

I have no excuse for ignoring my blog other than I am such a slacker.............hahaha.......really I think about updating it everyday but than the end of the day comes and I have not done it. Where does the time go??? So here's a bunch of random photos of what I've been up too. Of course it includes grandchildren!!! When will I ever get a photo of all three of them that's good?? LOL
I thought this was cute of Sydney peeking around the corner at her house..........

And I've been taking a few photos of old buildings around the neighborhood. Does anyone else like old buildings?

I did a walk/run with my sisters and family...................

I had all the kids over for dinner............

And had a quick photo session on the front porch with the giant pumpkin and Maddie and Sydney! That big pumpkin is really heavy!! I am doing well and hope to see what everyone is up to soon. Yea, I am a slacker.................but I love you guys and miss you...........