Saturday, January 3, 2009

A BIG Thank You and Other Stuff

thanks donna luv ya I won this beautiful scarf, gloves and hat from Donna at Made in Heaven a couple of weeks ago and with all of the busy stuff of the holidays I didn't get a chance to thank her for this lovely gift. Thanks Donna, it'll get some good use as soon as my sister and I start walking again. If you have never been to Donna's blog just follow my link, you will be glad you did. She is one of the nicest people in blogland. Thanks Donna, I might even need to use this in my house today because we woke up to no heat in the house. It's cold in here!!

thanks wibeche I also got this award from one of my new blogging friends. Her name is Wibeche and she's from Norway! She had been leaving me sweet comments and I could never find a blog to go and visit her. Well, she finally has not just one blog but two. A jewelry blog and a personal blog. She makes beautiful jewelry and her three little girls are so pretty. I am glad to call her a new bloggy friend. Thanks Wibeche and I look forward to getting to know you this year. Go visit her here and welcome her to the blogging world! I am passing this award on to all of my bloggy friends!

you are so cute with your doll baby And my good buddy from Tennessee is having a 1-year of blogging giveaway. Go here and check out her great giveaways! I love this photo of you and your doll, Donna. If you have never visited Donna before then go over right now and check out what she and her friend Marty are up to. Who's Marty? Well, go over to her blog and find out!

i can't wait to get this And this has nothing at all to do with anything in this post but I am very excited about it. My monitor died a horrible death awhile back and I have been using the world's oldest monitor. Well, my son(who knows much more about computers than I) helped me pick out a new one. WooHoo, I am so excited to get one that will not take up half my desk. Maybe it will even motivate me to clean off my desk. Nah.............
now i can take all the photos i want And what is this little beauty? LOL Well, it seems that my laptop is ready to crash because I have overloaded it with photos of our grandbabies. Hey, I can't help it if I think every single one of my grandbabies photos are worthy to keep. LOL I really do have alot of photos and for some reason I like to upload them to my laptop computer instead of my desktop computer. I'm not sure why and I know I can burn them on a cd but I like to go back and look at them alot. So my son has picked out a external hard drive for my laptop. Double WooHoo!! Now Grandma can upload photos till she's 101 years old. LOL You would have thought I was getting diamonds from Tiffany's with how excited I am about these two items.

Anyway, have a great weekend. We are going out to eat tonight at Buca Di Beppo with my sweetie's family. That means way too much food and lots of noise but fun! Don't forget about Brenda's Photo Challenge on January 7th(it's a Weds. not a Saturday this time) and the theme is "anything new." There's still lots of time to sign up for the challenge so go here and play along with all of us! I thought I had lots of time for this and it has crept up on me again and I have no photos yet. LOL I better get out there and start shooting some photos. Come on, Miss Maddie(my grandaughter), let's get your new Fisher Price camera and start taking some photos. LOL I better go, this post is way too long already! Happy Saturday!


June said...

I am so ready to get back walking and you have a great scarf set to get back into it!! Seems I have come down with the dreaded cold everyone else had - didn't sleep well at all last night. Had to get up early to head to a funeral this morning and then am hoping to get some sleep and be ready to walk this week!!!

Donna said...

What wonderful gifties from Donna in Texas! She sure is a great friend!

Thank you so much for the plug on my giveaway! You get an EXTRA entry, my dear! Hahaha, I plan to do a post about my sidekick Marty sometime soon!

Sally said...

No heat? YIKES. I hope that's fixed by now.

Don't you just love the new monitor? I didn't know what I was missing until a few months ago. Of course, now if I could only get off dial-up I'd be even more happy. hahaha

Your award and gifts are wonderful. Good for you as you are very deserving! :)

Wibeche og Rune said...

Thank you so mucht Joan, for thoose sweet words on your blog.
I look forward to getting to know you better:))


Brenda said...

Congrats on winning the prize and the award!

I bought my first flat screen monitor back a few months ago. I love it!

Enjoy your dinner out and be sure to post some of Maddy's photos for us to see. I bet she has some of her grandma's talent for photography!

justabeachkat said...

I know what you mean about all the photos. I MUST start deleting some and then moving the ones I keep to something. My computer is getting slowed down. LOL


Donna said...

You're SO Welcome! Thank you for the sweet words!
What a sweetie for getting you all setup with your monitor and drive! I did the same thing until hubby suggested I go get an external! Works great.
Happy day sweetie!!hughugs

Kari (GrannySkywalker) said...

Randey has an external hard drive for his work. He's forever loading my stuff on it because I keep cluttering the laptop and the desk PC with pictures and stuff. Never thought about getting one for myself, though. Now THAT'S a cool idea! lol