Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hawaii ~~ September 2013!!

 I'm back from Hawaii!!  It might have been one of the best trips I've ever been on!! We left Cincinnati for a flight on August 28th and on the first lag of our flights, a man seated next to us had heart issues. He tried to get up out of his seat but started to fall. My daughter, Christina who is an emergency room nurse seen him start to go down and ran to help him.  I was so proud of her!!  She stayed with him until we made an emergency medical landing in Denver(we were suppose to go to Salt Lake). Anyway, by the grace of God we made our connecting flight and made it to Hawaii, tired but ready for a fun trip.
We spent three days on Oahu seeing the sights.  I have to tell you Waikiki is a little too busy for me but I loved the North Shore of Oahu.  We boarded Norwegian's ship, the Pride of America and made it our home for the next seven days and boy was it a wonderful home to come back too everyday after exploring the islands.  People keep asking me which one of the islands we visited were my favorite one and I just can't pick one.  Each island is so unique in it's own way. On Maui we snorkeled at of the highlights of our trip.  By the way there were ten of us in our group!!  We also went to eat at Mama's Fish House on Maui which is a not to be missed place to go if you ever go there. On the Big Island the main attraction is Hawaii National Volcano's is awesome!!! And I can't even began to describe the awesome beauty of Kauai and the Napoli coastline.  We  took a small plane ride over the island of Kauai and it might have been one of the most fun things we have ever done. Pearl Harbor is also a place not to miss while you are on Oahu.  One of the pics below is of me, my daughter Christina and sister Judy with Alfred, one of the survivors of the Pearl Harbor attack!! He loved Christina!!  Here are some of my photos from the trip!!  Most were taken with my iphone except the underwater ones!! The sheer beauty of Hawaii makes it so much fun to take photos!!  Anyway, hope you all enjoy the photos...Aloha!!